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The ultimate Sweet

Life Starter Pack

Everything you need in one PDF. 14 pages of our biggest lessons, mistakes, and tips on helping you reach the sweet life sooner. It even includes action steps so when you're done with the document, you'll know exactly what you need to do next. Goodbye confusion, hello clarity.

The Ultimate sweet life starter pack

What's in it?

take a peek inside


These 8 guiding principles will be your guideposts on your journey to financial freedom

6 steps to financial independence

Answer the question, where am I on the 6 step framework to FI?

own your goals worksheet

Identify your WHY which will motivate you to set and achieve your 1, 3, and 12 month goals

know your exact next steps

With the "How to Get There" Framework you will complete the worksheet knowing your exact next step

....and so much more!

That's us

Hey Sweet Lifer!

We are Matt and Alli Owen, two married thirty-somethings living in Colorado.

We understand how it feels like money is the biggest obstacle to living a sweet life. We've learned a lot of money lessons the hard way. From failed investments to unsuccessful businesses to house flipping nightmares, we've done it all on our journey to financial independence.

Now, thankfully, we are living a sweet life in Colorado running our passion project business Sweet Logic and hiking with our two rescue pups.

Because of all we've been through on this quest to the Sweet Life, we are so passionate about sharing not only our financial successes with you, but each and every failure as well.

Join the thousands of other courageous people on the shortcut to the sweet life!

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