We Get a DOG! Electrical Issues and Travel in Georgia and Charlotte  - VLOG EP.04

Van Life with a Dog

Written by Matt

The 4th Episode of our Van Life video series is up! We picked up a dog! Had some electrical issues, and saw some awesome parts of Georgia and spent some wonderful time in Charlotte with friends and family.

Sooo... the Dog situation. The dog's name is Ember and she is a cutie... she is a 2-year-old Minature Golden Aussie Doodle. Its a mouthful for sure but she has a great personality and a really great temperament for the van. She is super calm and loves to cuddle and sleep but she also has an INSANE amount of energy. She can hike longer than we can and is down for basically anything. She will be a great addition to team Clifford.

So how did we end up with her? Well, she is my sister's dog. My sister works as a project manager and she is going to be working on-site at a contractor facility for the next several months. So basically 4-5 days a week she will be out of town. Not a great situation as a dog owner so she was looking at options to board her but we were chatting at the family reunion and it just felt right that we could drive down to GA and pick her up. its been about 3 weeks now and I am pretty sure we will have a hard time giving her back...

We went down to Georgia to pick her up which was about halfway between Florida and Myrtle Beach where we were. It worked out as a good meeting place and we got to check out Savannah. We took a nice rainy bike ride after getting some of our deferred bike maintenance out of the way.

After leaving Georgia we went to Central SC where we met up with Doktor A from the Sprinter Community. He is the go-to guy for questions about sprinter mechanics. He teaches a quick sprinter class that runs through all the major things you have to look out for and make sure you stay on top of as well as good tips and advice as far as what spares to carry and what potential road fixes we might need to make.

He worked on anything I had questions about and was supremely helpful. Highly recommended for anyone that is getting a van. Best is to have him do a pre-inspection if you have the opportunity.

From Central, we drove through Greenville which has this awesome park right in the middle of town. We took a little break on our way up to Charlotte to stretch our legs and explore the town a bit.

In Charlotte, we spent a few nights in downtown with a friend of Allion's. It was fun to get into the city and check out all of the amazing restaurants and breweries. we rode the scooters all over town and had a blast with that. It was our first encounter with a "scooter-share". We also appreciated just being able to get some work done on some reliable wifi in the comfort of their home.

My Aunt and Uncle also live in the suburbs of Charlotte so we spent a night there. They have an amazingly cute Newfoundland and it was great to hang out with them and tell stories and learn more about their entrepreneurship experiences  (they have owned their own companies for quite a while!)

They are amazing and have an amazing family. I'm so glad we got to spend some time with them and I think that's my favorite part of van life so far is just communing with all of our friends and family that we don't get to see often!

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