day in the life of our keto food startup

We haven't shared this yet on here, but back in 2017 we started a keto health food company!

Here's the story:

If you’d have asked us three years ago whether or not we’d be the founders of a ketogenic food company we would’ve looked at you with the blankest stare in history.

“Keto-what? You mean no carbs? I could never do that.” Alli precisely recalls that moment three years ago on the elliptical chatting with her friend.

Meanwhile, Matt had been listening to the Model Health Show and Bulletproof Radio podcasts on his two-hour commute to work. He kept hearing of this keto diet and got curious. You see, he lost his dad to cancer at a young age, he watched his mom battle breast cancer, and saw his grandmother die of diabetes. When he started researching the anti-cancer and health benefits of the keto diet, he was blown away. The science made sense.

After much convincing, Alli agreed to try the keto diet with him during the summer of 2017. It was a struggle to say the least. Alli felt hangry and pissed off that Matt suggested this diet in the first place.

This is miserable,” she complained, with a fist full of salted nuts. “I can’t even eat CAKE.”

At the time, Matt was going through a business incubator program and part of the homework was to come up with 20 business ideas a day.

Keto treat company, he scribbled on his notebook, thinking nothing of it.

Little did he know that little notebook scribble would turn into a full fledged business.

Within a year, they launched their first product, a chocolate mug cake and grew from experimenting in their home kitchen to running the operation out of a commercial kitchen.

Every batch is still produced and shipped (with love) by Matt and Alli in Basalt, Colorado.

We spend 50% of our time on Owen Your Future (this biz) and 50% of our time on Primal Noms, our keto health food startup.

We split the days by business, so this past Monday was a Primal Noms day. We took you along for the ride. Next week we will be showcasing a day in the life for Owen Your Future.

Watch the video below!

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