How We Shower, The Blue Ridge Parkway, a New Drone,  - VLOG EP.05

How We Shower in a Van

Written by Matt

In this Episode, we leave Charlotte and head North on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It's incredibly beautiful and an amazing part of the county. We pick up a drone to get some cool aerial footage, camp out in some national forest, take a mountain bike ride, slide down a waterfall, and visit with more friends and family in Boone NC.

We leave Charlotte SC and head to Brevard where our aunt and uncle told us we could find some great wateralls and a campsite. Before leaving town we picked up a used DJI Spark off craigslist. It was $400 but i think it will be fun and a cool addition to our videography. Let us know what you think!

We camp out at a free campsite in the national forest next to a stable and wake up the next morning to some horses calling. Alli gives them a little snack while I test out the drone. We head off for a mountain bike ride and ember just runs along with the bikes for a good 6 miles. She is going to be a great van dog and has a serious reserve of energy.

After riding we shower in the creek. We always get two questions from people "where do you shower?", and "how does the bathroom situation work?" Well here is the answer to one of those. we had access to a nice cool creek so we took our Dr. Bronners bio-degradable soap and a washcloth and cleaned up a bit after a long hard ride.

Later we got another dip in some water at sliding rock. Its a fun little spot run by the forest service in the Pisgah national forest. We paid $3 each for admission and got to slide down a natural rock waterslide. The place was packed with kids and they were having a blast. It was pretty fun though and after taking a couple slides into the refreshing water we cooked up some lunch in the parking lot.

We always attract a few people wherever we park that want to check out the van and met a nice girl who's parents wanted to help her get a van. She LOVED Clifford and it was awesome to chat with her for a bit.

After lunch we hit the blue ridge parkway again. We stop at the top at a place called Craggy Gardens and take a short hike up to an overlook that feels like we were on top of the world. The clouds are just flying past and you feel like your inside of them. It was a cool place and a cool experience.

We camped that night in Ashville and then hit more of the blue ridge parkway to make it to Boone NC the next day. My grandmom lives there with another aunt and uncle and we spend a few days at her place. We hike with my Aunt and stay in town for my Cousins Birthday.

I was a good section of the trip! I hope you enjoyed and if so consider subscribing to our channel, give it a like and leave us a comment either here or on YouTube. We'd love to hear from you!

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