Hacked Again?! A Leaking  Van and our trip to SC - VLOG EP.03

Van Life Episode 3

Written by Matt

On to our 3rd VLOG! We got hacked again on our way from Colorado to OKC to visit Allison's family. I was locked out of my Gmail account for 3 weeks! We discover a few leaks in Clifford after a torrential downpour leaving Oklahoma, and we finally make it to South Carolina to visit with my family and relax on the beach

We Left Colorado and drove over independence pass to make our way towards Oklahoma City. we were one day out of Colorado and just hitting the road again after spending the night at a campground in Dalhart Texas when I start getting notifications that I've been logged out of all my Google accounts. Alli has the same.

We pulled over in a Tractor Supply parking lot in BFE Texas and start panicking. Somehow the hacker still had gotten access to our new Google passwords after changing them the first time. Clearly, my laptop was not safe even after I had wiped it and re-installed windows.

We spent several hours on the phones with our various banks and online accounts trying to make sure everything was locked down. For whatever reason, I was completely unable to recover my google account. Which also was the primary account for our new project Fi Phones.

We tried desperately to get google to recover my account for me but they were unable to do anything. They could only offer to help me fill out their online recovery form. We were very concerned that after this repeated breach, that this hacker might try to use my google account to port our phones over to his own device. by doing so he could access the 2-factor authentication texts that we had just made sure were on every account.

We ultimately decided to switch phone carriers because of this potential issue, and swapped over to a Verizon plan after about a week of back and forth with Google representatives and us essentially giving up hope that we would ever get control of my google account again.


As we were leaving OKC we drove through an INTENSE rainstorm. Tornado worthy type downpour. which was an excellent test of Cliffords water-tightness. Unfortunately, he failed in a few areas and we show a few of the reasons why. You can definitely check out our upcoming build videos to see how we fixed it and why we might have had some issues in the first place so you don't have the same. Stay tuned for those


Lastly, we made it to South Carolina and had a wonderful time connecting with my family on Myrtle Beach. We had a lot of rain (further testing Cliffys seals) but overall we got some great time on the beach and a lot of amazing conversations. I had never connected with my family like I did this trip. I'm not sure if it was the new stage of life that I had just entered or if it was because I had grown and matured a little more since the last time we got everyone together but it was a truly enjoyable experience.

The best part is that they are scattered around the east coast so We have had the opportunity to catch up with a lot of them as we head north!

Hope you like this weeks episode and as always, definitely leave us a comment here on the blog or on youtube!

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