Our First Week of VanLife is a DISASTER - VLOG EP.01

First week of Van Life is a Disaster

Written by Matt

Thanks for Stopping by to check out our First VLOG. We haven't posted a ton on the blog because honestly the time it took to finish the van and just get our lives in order to leave allowed little time for anything else. Hopefully this first blog post helps give you an idea of what we went through right before taking off on our adventure.

We Finished the van May 30th. We got our computer hacked and lost ~$17,000 of CryptoCurrency on May 29th. It was a devastating start to our travels. I had totally taken internet security for granted up until this point. I'd never had anything like this happen before and to say it was an eye-opening experience would be an understatement.

This added a ton of pressure on top of the low-level stress we had been accruing from the stress of building the van, facing a tight timeline to leave in order to make it to the East Coast on time, and from basically turning our entire life upside down.

We talk a little about our travels and where we stay. We are loving just camping out in the woods for free! We chat about some of the challenges in building the van and particularly the trouble I had with some of the mechanical issues we faced on the van shortly after buying it.

We know the sound wasn't great at Bryce Canyon, We are definitely still working out the kinks and figuring out what we are doing and the best way to capture content. We love recommendations on how to improve so if you have questions about anything or think of specific things you would love for us to share please let us know in the comments below!

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