Colorado Van Life Diary - VLOG EP.02

Colorado Van Life Diary

Written by Matt

Our Second VLOG is up. After leaving Bryce Canyon in Utah we headed towards Colorado. I grew up on the western slope of Colorado and we stop and visit some friends and family and take in some beautiful views.

We make the drive from Utah to Colorado (~6hrs) We are putting in some serious seat time these first few days to stay on schedule to reach South Carolina for my family reunion at the begining of June.

We stop in Montrose Colorado to visit with a good high school friend and stay a few days. He is a mechanic so we put Cliffy up on the lift and give him another inspection. We fix some small things and add a few to the list for things I need to take care of down the road.

We head up to Teluride for the day and take a hike, check out the town and their Balloon festival that is going on. Its a beautiful and fun little town and a good way to spend an afternoon with good company.

That night we drive East to get a little closer to where my mother is in Basalt Colorado. We stay at my friends cabin outside of the Black Canyon. Its a good test of the Vans insulation as the temp gets down to ~36F that night. We burned our Cubic Mini Woodstove for the first time outside of a test and it works great. We had to open up the roof vents to let some heat out.

Its a super scenic drive to my mom's house and we take a few stops along the way to stretch our legs and take in some sites.

At my moms, we spend the night eating dinner with some family friends and catching up on everyone's life. It's amazing to visit with old friends and feel their support of our journey. We only stay a short time because we will catch up with my mom the following week at the beach in South Carolina for our family reunion.

When we leave we head south-east through Aspen Colorado and up and over independence pass which takes us over the continental divide. We stop at a favorite cliff jumping spot on the way over which is truly one of the most stunning places I know.


Let us know what you thought of this Weeks Video and as always ask questions and tell us what you'd like to see more of so we can step up our production! Thanks for watching!

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