Let Us Help You Live a Sweet Ass Life

  • Do you feel discouraged that everyone else seems to have it all figured out? (Pro Tip: they don't)
  • Do you generally just try to avoid the conversation of money with your spouse?
  • Are you looking to financially prepare to make a big change in your life: either a mini-retirement, a career change, or start a business?
  • Are you looking to increase your income through entrepreneurship or investing but don't know where to start?

We understand how it feels like everyone else has it all figured out but you.

Like you, we have been frustrated by the lack of clarity and education around how to live a sweet life.

We learn math and science in school, but never learn how to be happy.

Let us help you live an intentional life you love!

You don't have to be confused anymore

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Simply Your Finances

Achieve such clarity on your money that you smile when you open your checking account

join the family (1)

Experience Less Stress

Spend more time with your family and less time stressing about work and the future

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Shortcut the Sweet Life

Avoid falling for a "get rich quick" scheme with our proven step by step model

We're Here to Help

Our goal has always been financial independence, but with a twist. We aren't here to just save money and die. We're here to live a sweet life while intentionally setting ourselves up for financial success now and in the future.

So our story is after saving 70% of our incomes for 4 years, we quit our jobs and took a mini-retirement across the US in our van, Clifford.

During that time we started Sweet Logic, and within 2 years turned it into a multi six-figure business.

It is our greatest desire to now help others on their path to living a sweet life.  We all deserve to have clarity and feel good about money.

Let us help you break free from the cycles that cause financial hardship and help you feel empowered over your money and your life.

After working with us, you will be at ease with your financial situation and certain that your money is being used efficiently and optimally to achieve your goals. Say goodbye to feelings of unease and doubt about the future.

Listen to what Renee and Joe say about their experience coaching with us:


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Personalized Coaching

$399/month - 6 month commitment

an individual approach tailored to help you reach the sweet life


the specifics

▪ 2 hour-long virtual coaching calls per month
▪ unlimited email support
▪ access to all content within the Own Your Debt course
▪ access to all planning spreadsheets
▪ personalized homework assignments tailored to your specific situation

"Sitting down and reviewing my budget and retirement accounts with the help of Matt and Alli gave me a sense of empowerment regarding my future. For that, I am very grateful. "

-Donna, 56

"They taught me how to use a budget, how to watch where my money goes each month, how to pay down debt quicker and how to live a quality lifestyle while also becoming more financially secure. "

-Nick, 28

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