6 ways to make money whilel traveling
6 ways to make money whilel traveling

6 Ways to Make Money Travelling NOW + Our Long-Term Plan for Income

A lot of people teach affiliates through blogging or social media, but you need to have a large audience built up before you can make significant money there. And that takes TIME. Especially nowadays when it feels like everyone and their mom wants to be an “influencer”...Well, we’re just starting...our online businesses have made a little less than $1000 so far...so we are definitely in the baby stages. Because of that, we wanted to share our business plan and our backup plans. First we’ll share our 6 backup plans, then we’ll get to OUR business plans.

6 Side Hustle Income Strategies to Make Money On the Road (With Almost Zero Startup Costs)

(1) Freelance Writing

We attend a conference every year called FinCon, which is a meeting place for digital content creators and personal finance experts. At this conference, there are boundless opportunities to freelance or ghostwrite on personal finance topics. Should we need cash fast? I would reach out to my network and share my expertise in finance and my skill in writing. An easier way to do this if you don’t have a network, would be to sign up on a website like UpWork.com to get freelance clients quickly! Also, using sites like ProBlogger.com or FindFreelanceWritingGigs.com you can find jobs that pay up to $75 per 1500 word article, which for me, could be done in less than 2 hours. Not bad! Startup cost: ZERO

(2) Building Websites for People

Since we’ve built and run 3 websites for ourselves, we know how to build websites! This is a HUGE skillset in today’s day and age-- and we don’t even know how to code! We learned using Beaver Builder, which is a drag and drop website template...we love how customizable and easy it is to use. It’s $99/year and you can use it on infinite websites--so it will cost the same no matter how many clients you have. My strategy for this would be to reach out to companies who could use some website improvement, pitch them my suggestions, and hope they say YES! An easier way would be to use a site like Upwork too, although you’ll have to pay a certain percentage to the site. Depending on the project scope, we would probably charge $500 for a basic site build, which would take around 10-12 hours. Startup cost: $99

Get Beaver Builder HERE

(3) Teaching English Online

if you’re a native English speaker with a university degree, you can do this! Through VIPKID or QKid, you can make $20-22/hour teaching English to Chinese kids! Since I already love teaching, this would be an easy gig to pick up from whereever. There are also other opportunities available online, just a quick Google search away! Startup cost: $250 for a TEFL certification (some don’t require this, but the high paying ones do from my understanding)

(4) Build and Flip Camper Vans

When we were searching for a prebuilt van before we decided to build our own, we couldn’t find one for sale for less than $30k….the market seems strange, and we haven’t actually sold our van, so banking on making cash via a van flip is a bit risky, I know. But, given what vans are going for, and what we bought ours for, we imagine we can make between $5-$10k on the sale. Future vans should only be an improvement as well for Clifford 2.0 and beyond! Startup cost: Would require us selling our van and re-investing into a new van.  

(5) Walk Dogs

Rover/ Wag- By walking other people’s dogs, you can earn up to $24/ hour. Not only do you get physical benefit of walking the neighborhood, but you get the emotional benefit of meeting a new dog friend and you get to see a new city! Win Win Win! Startup costs: ZERO

(6) Deliver Food

Postmates/Uber Eats- With these delivery services, we would use our bikes to make deliveries, so we wouldn’t even put miles on Clifford nor have to pay for gas! We would set our own hours and keep 80 percent of the delivery fee, which starts at $5, along with tips. Postmates says experienced couriers can earn up to $25/hour. Startup costs: ZERO

Our Plan To Make Money on the Road

Our Plan:

Dun Dun Dun…

Monetize through online courses and private coaching for FINANCES!

But this is a LONG term strategy, and doesn’t pay super well at the start...so we’re currently living off our savings. But here’s our plan:

We are currently in beta for a course on how to destroy your debt and take back your life so you can have more freedom (like the ability to travel!). We plan to launch the course in November and sell it for $297. Debt is a HUGE problem in America and after talking with our beta test group, many Americans are feeling lost and confused about how to even go about getting out of debt. Which one do I pay off first? How do I minimize my expenses?

We also have a whole module on money mindset where we teach how to have a positive relationship with money, heal your past money wounds, and get on the same page financially with your partner. Once we launch it LIVE a couple of times, we plan to put it on Evergreen and set up a paid ads funnel system. We don’t plan on using ads or other affiliates until we’ve launched it to our audience and proven the course gets the results - less debt, more money confidence. We’ll keep you updated how that goes!

We also have a premium offer, 1-on-1 financial coaching, that will be priced higher but provide more one on one support. This is for people who are already out of debt but who are looking to maximize their savings and gain the clarity and courage for what the next step is in their life-- whether that’s early retirement, new business ventures, or full-time travel.

Another completely unrelated monetization strategy we have is a ketogenic food product. We already have a low carb mug cake dry mix product that is available for purchase, but we have some plans for another line of products in the future. This one has been a little trickier while we are on the road since we can’t sell from the van, and it’s cost prohibitive to get a manufacturer who will make it with our requested minimums.

So we plan to “base” the van in Colorado for the winter to take advantage of ski season and to try out some new products. This business is a little more unknown to us, but we believe that once we get our sales volumes high enough, we will be able to outsource the creation of the product, and thus get back into full-time travel. Once we have a line of products that are well-liked, then we will just run the Marketing and Business Development side of things from the road.


So this is Plan A. I’m confident we will make our Plan A work (or some variation of it) and won’t have to resort to the 6 strategies listed above, but it’s always good to have a plan B, C, D, E, F, and maybe G.... We have lots of options and opportunities to earn money on our own terms before we would be forced to return to the 9-5 workforce (Plan Z?) But nonetheless, if we fell on hard times, that option is there for us too.  

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